Webmasters Past

Our appreciation is extended to webmasters past.
They built the foundation!

Victor Wang (Grad 2018) was the coding coach for our weekly
Python workshops. He achieved outstanding results on the
Canadian Computing Competition, with a perfect score at the
Junior level in 2014, and second overall in 2015. Victor has
also shone in several Canadian and North American mathematics
competitions. He will soon graduate from the International
Baccalaureate Program.

Matthew Nguyen (Grad 2015) successfully completed the French
Immersion International Baccalaureate. He contributed the
Vietnamese translation of our safety contract. Matthew expanded
many sections of the website and made other improvements.
This September he enters pre-medicine.

Bob Yang (Grad 2013) served as webmaster in grade twelve while com-
pleting an International Baccalaureate. Under his guidance our website underwent a significant expansion. A drop down menu and Google site search, as well as new features such as the Amateur Radio and First Aid sections, were added. Bob will study physics and computer science at the University of British Columbia. His special interest is quantum computing.

Henry Liu (Grad 2012) generously volunteered as webmaster for three years. During his tenure he implemented many new features and stream-
lined the code. Henry is studying mathematics and programming at the University of Waterloo after completing an International Baccalaureate
at Churchill. He is accomplished at both hardware and software.

Lewis Liu (Grad 2009) rewrote the site code in XHTML and added new features. He is pursuing computer engineering at Waterloo University.

Vaughn Cherrin (Grad 2009) created the original site in 2008.
After four years of study, on-the-job and at the British Columbia
Institute of Technology, he completed his electrical trades
apprenticeship in 2012. Vaughn is a fully qualified journeyman
with a specialty in electronic sensors and controls.