Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu is a powerful operating system. You can test it from a usb drive.
Ubuntu makes an old laptop or desktop useful again. Lots of helpful
applications are free. Rip a music CD ROM or store your photographs.
And there are games. Try Ubuntu today!

1. Advantages
— free open source operating system
— easy to use windows interface
— many free applications – math, science, electronics, and astronomy
— large number of hardware drivers
     – no more searching on the internet
— very stable, and Linux–based
— rejuvenates old laptops and desktops
— coexists with other operating systems on your hard drive
— supported by a worldwide community of software developers
— regular updates

2. Ubuntu Forums
Ubuntu Wikis
1. Technical Documentation http://help.ubuntu.com/community
2. Everything Else http://wiki.ubuntu.com
The Fridge http://fridge.ubuntu.co
Powerful student information system for teachers, and administrators
– includes gradebook

3. References
(Available through the Burnaby or Vancouver public library)

1. Ubuntu Unleashed 2014 Edition. Matthew Helmke, 2014.
2. The Official Ubuntu Book, Second Edition. Benjamin Mako Hill,
Jono Bacon, Ivan Krstic, David J. Murphy, Jonathan Jesse,
Peter Savage & Corey Burger. 2007.
3. Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian
Power Users, Second Edition. Christopher Negus, 2013.
4. The Official Ubuntu Server Book. Kyle Rankin & Benjamin Mako
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5. Linux: Everything you need to get started with Ubuntu Linux.
Mike Saunders, 2010.

A True Story
Recently, a man gave away his laptop. It was too old for MS Windows 8.
His friend installed Ubuntu. The laptop purred! It is very useful. Search,
and you may find an old laptop that nobody wants. Alternatively,
volunteer at Free Geek Vancouver. After twenty hours of volunteering
you will be eligible to receive a free secondhand desktop computer
with Ubuntu already installed.

® Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd.