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Firmware for AVR-GCC (Lady Ada programs)
Schematic (Lady Ada)

Circuit Schematic

Click the image to view the PDF file or the text below it for the Proteus Ares layout file.

Circuit Schematic

PCB Design

Click the image to download the Proteus Ares layout file.

Single-Sided Design
Single-Sided Design
Double-Sided Design
Double-Sided Design

Note: The double-sided PCB design modifies Lady Ada's design by using the tact switch as the power button instead of a reset. When the switch is held down, the board receives power. This means the amount of current going through the board is limited by the specs of the tact switch (normal tacts range from 0.1-20mA), and hence the IR LEDs, which can draw up to 100mA, are not functioning at full power. This decreases the range of the remote from 100-150m to 10-20m.

Modifications allowing the tact switch on the double-sided board to be used as a reset button would be greatly appreciated. Note that the single-sided design does not have this modification; clicking the button once will "turn on" the board (as opposed to holding down the button).

-- Henry Liu, 05.03.2011


Kivanc Yildiz, TV-B-Gone Breadboard 1 Kivanc Yildiz, TV-B-Gone Breadboard 2
Kivanc Yildiz, TV-B-Gone Breadboard  3 Kivanc Yildiz, TV-B-Gone Breadboard  4
Kivanc Yildiz, August 2013