Birdsong Amplifier

This project under development (August 9, 2013).
It has yet to be tested.

1. Bird Calls

2. Soundscape

Listen to the soundscape.

A six minute film featuring the Canadian composer, R. Murray Schafer

What is a soundscape?

"A soundscape is any collection of sounds,
almost like a painting is a collection of visual attractions.
When you listen carefully to the soundscape it becomes quite miraculous."

R. Murray Schafer.

Composition by R. Murray Schafer

The Mark II circuit was successfully breadboarded in August, 2013.
Changing the values of two components may improve performance.
More details will appear soon.


Birdsong Amplifier Mark II
Birdsong Amplifier Mark II
Circuit SchematicPrinted Circuit Board

4. TLO82 Pin Out Top View
& Specifications

TL802 Pin Out

5. Electret Microphone

Electret Microphone Datasheet

6. Birdsong Amplifier DIY Manual

Click the image to view the .pdf file or the text below it for the MS Word.

Birdsong Amplifier DIY Manual
Birdsong Amplifier DIY Manual