Computer Programming and Computer Science Club

We sponsor algorithm, logic problem, and programming workshops. The club hosts guest speakers. We also assist students to prepare for the Beaver Computing Challenge and Canadian Computing Competition.
Drop in to a workshop and try it out.

"All students in the 21st century need
to have the opportunity to learn coding..."

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Lunctime Programming Workshops
11:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Room 115, Electronics and Robotics
Bring your lunch.

Monday Python with Fred Chen, grade 12
Learn to program in Python
Join Computer Science Circles and receive lots of online assistance from the University of Waterloo.

Tuesday Programming In C With Arduino with Kate Cho, grade 12
Practice with the easy and fun Arduino Uno.

Thursday Algorithms with Mr. Graham Langston, B.Sc. UBC
A must for anyone interested in programming or math!
Take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Mr. Langston's notes are available in our Algorithms section at this link. Notes are added weekly.

Beaver Computing Challenge 2014 Logic Problems Workshops
Return in mid–September 2014