The Career Preparation Program in Electronics

Most student placements have an electronics focus. They are completed in manufac-turing, service and repair, and research and development. Students usually finish their work placements before entering Grade 12. They serve a minimum of one hundred hours of on-the-job experience. Upon completion, each receives a certificate, and four credits toward graduation.

Students become productively engaged in the work of the sponsor. During their assignments, they assume as many responsibilities, and perform as many tasks as possible. Program activities include:

While on assignment, students receive direction from a supervisor. They cooperate closely with employees. They may become part of a research team, including engineers and technologists. Courtesy, punctuality, initiative, and communicating what one either understands or does not understand ? are the keys to success.

Most Grade 11 students choose to complete their workplace assignments before beginning their final year of secondary studies.

Girls and boys view the program as a pivotal experience in their lives. They return from their work placements in electronics with an improved sense of direction regarding their careers. They display a renewed commitment to their studies. Some placements in the electronics program lead to paid summer employment. At university, employer work reports assist in securing the support of an employer sponsor for coop education programs.

Examples of Career Placements

Types of Employment

Electronics Engineering Computer repair, communications, software
Installation Electrical, home security, sound systems
Manufacturing Cell phones, data switches, global positioning
Research and Development Robotics, control systems, micro-technology
Service and Repair Computers, power tools, printers, receivers
Special Needs, Disabilities Sip-puff switches, IR controls, ventilators
Technologist Printed circuit board, surface mounted parts
Theatre and Performance Stage lighting, sound, special effects
Warehousing Shipping, receiving, stocking

Post Secondary Institutions

Possible Career Goals

British Columbia Institute of Technology Technologists
Diploma and Degree
Journeyman Certificate
Journeyman Certificate
Kwantlen Polytechnic College Electrician Journeyman Certificate
Simon Fraser University Electrical Engineer Bachelor Degree
University of British Columbia Electrical Engineer Bachelor Degree
University of Victoria Electrical Engineer Bachelor Degree

Students at work Photographs -- Online, also in room 115

For an inside view of what girls and boys do while on assignment visit the photographic display in the electronics lab ? room 115. Talk to the students about their experiences. Computer repair is especially popular.

Learn more about this program, visit VSB Career Programs.