Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA)

Churchill students have completed secondary school apprenticeships (SSA) in the electrical trades, building construction, culinary arts, automotive mechanics and automotive collision repair. There are rewarding opportunities for electricians, millwrights, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, power engineers, and gardeners. You must be ready to work hard.

Develop your skills on the job. Earn while you learn. Girls and boys begin in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12. During the school year, they pursue their regular studies at Churchill. In July and August, they work at paid positions, while learning on-the-job.

Finish grade twelve in your regular program. When you have reached 480 hours of paid apprenticeship employment, you will receive sixteen credits. These credits appear on your transcript as two courses in grade eleven and two courses in grade twelve. You also receive a one thousand dollar ($1000) scholarship. Applicants must be in good health and physical condition to meet the demands of work. It will take at least four years of training, including studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, to acieve journeyman status.

SSA is sponsored by the Government of British Columbia and the Vancouver School Board. Employment opportunities in the electrical trades will increase over the next decade. Find an employer who will sponsor you. Attractive wage benefit packages are offered. Start today! Avoid the long wait -- up to three years -- to enter a trade after you graduate from school.

For more information please speak to Mr. Gibbens, room 115.

Apprenticeships – Industry Training Authority

Secondary School Apprenticeships
Career Programs, Vancouver School Board

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